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Curebase’s 2022 company-wide retreat recap 

August 11, 2022

Curebase as a company has achieved exponential growth over the past few years, particularly in headcount. Curebase has had the unique ability to recruit incredibly talented individuals with different backgrounds and experiences on an international scale. This has resulted in a meticulously curated group of Curebasers who have the talent, passion, and curiosity to carry Curebase into the future. 

A crucial aspect of building, supporting, and maintaining such a capable and unique team is investing in our people. This past week, Curebase’s 2022 company-wide retreat took place in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. This three-day trip empowered Curebasers to meet in person, grow our professional relationships, celebrate exceptional workers, and plan for what’s next. 

The retreat kicked off with some getting-to-know-yous and small group bonding after which, Tom Lemberg, Curebase founder and CEO, offered some opening remarks to commence day one of the retreat. Tom congratulated his team on their success thus far and drove home the company values and upcoming goals. This motivating chat encouraged employees to get all they can from this experience and marked a new chapter for the company that focuses on quality and continuous growth. 

Over the course of three days, Curebasers spent a significant amount of time with their fellow department team members to reflect, analyze, brainstorm, and strategize. Each team was able to share their thoughts and ideas in unique and creative ways that provoked thought, engaged each Curebaser’s abilities, and set the company up for future success. However, amongst all the networking and strategic planning, there was still some time for fun. Curebasers were able to attend different excursions that allowed them to branch out and experience something new with their teammates.

Yet, I’m sure all who attended could agree that one of the most beneficial aspects of the retreat was listening to our keynote speaker, Jenn McNary. Jenn shared her emotional and inspiring experience with patient advocacy and the important role it plays in clinical trials. This keynote address was one I’m sure we’ll all remember as a reminder of why many of us do what we do. Putting patients first is a continuous Curebase motto and stories like Jenn’s solidify the power and importance that motto has for us. 

At Curebase, investing in our people is essential to our values and the success of our company. While we celebrated and made new friends, strong professional development was underway. As a company, we value our employees, and part of that is giving them the designated time to network, brainstorm, and grow as individuals. This retreat gave our hardworking team a chance to take a step back and focus on foundational goals that will continue to establish Curebase as a leader in the decentralized clinical trial industry.

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