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Recruit & enroll patients anywhere with OmnisiteTM

OmnisiteTM is a flexible site model that reaches patients at home and in their communities for faster recruitment, greater patient diversity, and expanded access by reaching geographies untapped by traditional sites.

Working with Curebase has brought a unique flexibility to our oncology trial that allows us to run our study in a real-world setting without placing extra burdens on site staff.
Dave Messina
Chief Operating Officer,
Cofactor Genomics
Dave Messina

Built for patient access.
Ready for rapid activation.

Operating in all 50 states, OmnisiteTM has helped sponsors and CROs across pharma, digital therapeutics, and diagnostics accelerate recruitment and improve retention. Whether your study is still in startup or has been running for years onboarding is fast and simple. Add OmnisiteTM to your study to start unlocking access to patients where they live.

Traditional site
Omnisite TM
Principal investigators
Clinical research coordinators
Recruitment management
Local, mobile & telehealth care
Real-time data visibility
Fast, flexible onboarding
Unlimited geographic access

Centralized management without geographic restrictions

By leveraging our flagship technology, our remote-first research team and integrated care partners work together to deliver cutting-edge clinical trials directly to patients.

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Experienced Telemedicine PIs

Access Principal Investigators specialized in a variety of therapeutic areas with experience managing remote trials.

Remote Clinical Research Coordinators

Our in-house team of remote CRCs manages patients from anywhere to keep them on track and engaged in your studies.

Mobile care teams

We have an established network of nurses and phlebotomists deployed for in-home visits, such as blood draws, EKGs, physical exams, sample collections, vitals, and even allergy patch testing.

Community clinic network

PCPs and specialists take part in our studies to treat patients where they live, supporting RWD collection and expanding access to trials in more diverse and hard-to-reach areas.

Direct-to-patient recruitment

Recruitment is more than just finding qualified patients. Our team has experience managing every step from campaign strategy through onboarding.

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