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Study Participation Overview

We are seeking volunteers to participate in a study evaluating high blood pressure. You will be monitoring your blood pressure throughout the study — You will need to own your own blood pressure device and currently on high blood pressure medication.

Eligible participants must be:

(There may be additional eligibility requirements, which the study team can explain.)

Adults who are 18 years of age and older
New to Studies
Free from prior exposure to an investigational vaccine or treatment for COVID-19
Compensation $130
Participants may be eligible to make up to $130 when completing all study activities.
What's Involved

The total length of participation is up to 25 months and includes approximately six visits to the study site and 25 phone calls.

New to Studies

This opportunity is part of our CURE-19 study. Before you can continue onto the 'blood pressure monitoring' opportunity, you will be prompted to read and agree to the terms of our CURE-19 study prior. The CURE-19 study pertains to COVID-19 and allows you to monitor your symptoms on our database. No in person tests or vaccinations are required or administered.

New to Studies

Once your 'baseline survey' is completed, you will see the 'blood pressure monitoring' opportunity is now unlocked. Please click on the opportunity, read the study terms (and download a copy of the study terms) before you continue.

New to Studies

After you've signed your consent forms, you will be prompted to complete a 'baseline survey'. This step is required in order to unlock the 'blood pressure monitoring' opportunity.

New to Studies

By agreeing to participate, you will reveal a survey that will determine your eligibility once complete. Should you qualify, you will be prompted via email to complete the next steps.

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The Miracle of Life Study

The Miracle of Life study is evaluating a cutting-edge blood test that reads and analyzes thousands of messages in the blood to predict pregnancy complications like pre-term birth, preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

Participation will provide valuable insights for preparing moms and protecting their babies. Receive $200 for participating.

Miracle of Life

More than one in 10 babies are born prematurely around the world1. The Miracle of Life study is evaluating a cutting-edge blood test designed to read and analyze thousands of messages in the blood that reflect the state of the baby, placenta and you to predict potential complications.

This study will examine the potential of a simple, safe blood test to uncover and provide insights about the health of a baby.

By participating in the study, you could help give pregnant moms access to important information that can help them take action sooner to get treatment or intervene earlier in their pregnancy and protect the health of their baby.

Participants will be compensated $200 for providing one blood sample during their second trimester.

1LancetGlob Health. 2019 Jan;7(1):e37-e46. doi: 10.1016/S2214-109X(18)30451-0. Epub 2018 Oct 30.

The Breakthrough of Gene Expression.

Throughout a pregnancy, biological messages from the baby, placenta and mom are found in the mother’s blood. Analyzing this material has the potential to help mothers be more prepared with actionable information that has the potential to predict complications far before they happen and help mothers feel more confident about what’s ahead for their unique pregnancies.

The Miracle of Life Study will examine how a cutting-edge, simple blood draw can:

Predict the likelihood of spontaneous preterm birth
Estimate the risk of developing preeclampsia.
Evaluate the potential for gestational diabetes.

Study Participation.

Click the button below to see if you may be eligible for the Miracle of Life study. Eligible participants will provide one blood sample during their second trimester, are pregnant with only one child, and do not have a C-section scheduled.

Participants will be compensated with $200 for providing one blood sample.

About Mirvie.

At Mirvie, our vision is to bring pregnancy out of the dark with tests that can reveal insights into your unique pregnancy, potentially predicting complications far before they happen and helping you feel more confident about what’s ahead. We are developing a cutting-edge approach to uncover insights through a simple, safe blood test. Our approach reads and analyzes thousands of messages in that blood that may reflect the state of the baby, placenta and you to understand what unexpected events may occur in the weeks or months to come, such as the potential for pre-term birth, preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes – bringing to light the information you need to take action sooner and get the treatment or early intervention needed for your unique pregnancy.

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