Full-service execution for modern clinical trials

For certain study designs and sponsor types, Curebase can lead projects start to finish. We have unique experience in biotech, pharma, digital therapeutics, diagnostics, medtech products, interventional, observational data, and large-scale biospecimen collection studies.

Trial execution services

Trial execution services


Lean on our team’s experience to enhance your study design for optimal patient experience

You are the experts in the science. We’ve built world class best practices in patient and user experience. Combining the two on your protocol we help to enhance your study design for optimial recruitment, retention, and patient satisfaction. We handle all IRB submission both central and instiutional.


Make clinical trial site identification and activation easy by leaning on our network or having us find new sites

Our network consists of over 300 health care providers. We have experience with over 50 Principal Investigators of all backgrounds and experience levels. Couple this with our in house staff of clinical research coordinators, and conduct powerful studies that reach patients at academics, community PCPs, mobile providers, and many more.

Software platform configuration + training

Our team of dedicated solutions engineers are at your service for full software platform configuration

We want our customers and users to have access to expertise on our software. Work with us to configure our platform the way you want for best in-class user experience workflow. Our team will also train your staff, sites, and other users on how use our software. The process is easy to start and quick to complete.

Recruitment campaign management

Find and enroll patients anywhere with our expert recruitment management team

Make the most our of our seamless recruitment workflow by having us design and manage your recruitment campaigns. Our team works on building study brands, landing pages, and using digital and site based marketing to fully enroll your study.

Patient engagement + retention

Our team builds comprehensive patient engagement plans to keep patients happy in your study

We advise study teams and build patient communication plans that leverage a combination of automated and personal touch engagement techniques. Our SMS/email notifications and updates in addition to CRC outreach and support are available.

Project management + monitoring

Each study is assigned an expert project manager to oversee your study start-to-finish

Project management should be easy and transparent. On each study our PMs build living timelines, provide access to real-time dashboards, and access to monitoring resources on studies. Leverage all or some of our traditional clinical operations functions to fully manage and monitor your study.

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Talk to our team

Meet with our team  to discuss your protocol, and walk through ways we can execute your study.

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