Consent workflows
with effortless flexibility

Whether participants are at the clinic or around the world, our platform adapts to your needs and theirs. Curebase Consent offers unparalleled flexibility, supporting both in-person and virtual workflows with Part 11 - compliant electronic signatures.

eConsent system feature demonstrating a site staff signing an ICF document

Consent at the site

Unlock easy to use workflows to inform participants about study procedures and collect electronic signatures on shared and/or personal devices. Wet-ink signatures are also supported with a document upload feature.

Consent virtually

With one-click visit scheduling, in-app video conferencing, and seamless single and multi-party e-signature capabilities, consenting participants remotely has never been more delightful.

eConsent system feature demonstrating a participant signing and ICF at home

Key benefits of Curebase Consent


Utilize tailored consent processes for virtual and in-person environments.


Rest assured with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant eSignature capabilities.

Participant Re-consent

Easily manage updates in study information and protocols.

LAR and Minor Assent Workflows

Leverage native configurations to collect informed consent from proxies and guardians.


Move away from paper-based methods to reduce errors and streamline operations.

User Experience

Offer participants and site staff a smooth, intuitive, and engaging consent process.

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