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Modern ePRO/eCOA.

Don’t wait a lifetime to launch a study that’s just “good enough”. Build and design a data collection experience that patients and sites will love to use.

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See the benefits of an ePRO users truly enjoy.

Participants were screened and enrolled into the mental health study, consented remotely, and virtually onboarded into the ePRO experience.

The GAD-7 was administered at multiple timepoints over a 12-week study design, with over 99% on-time survey completion.

Study Compliance
 ePRO and eCOA experience

Deploy hundreds of instruments at the highest quality standards.

Deliver an ePRO and eCOA experience at the highest standards. Capture accurate data exactly as you need it, and engage patients with a targeted notification campaign to make dropoff a thing of the past.

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Curbase ePRO and eCOA experience

Craft an experience that participants will love.

ePRO/eCOA is the heart of the participant experience, but it can be a lot more. Capabilities like appointment management, educational resources, transparency into your data, configurable portals, and more turn your ePRO/eCOA into a complete, rewarding experience

Curebase platform ePRO

Stay on top of your study with the powerful reporting needed to run a study at scale.

Getting insight should be simple. Empower sites to stay on top of every patient’s status in the study and leverage powerful in-appnotifications and communication.

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Combine with Curebase EDC for all-in-one data collection and management.

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Curbase ePro UI

Think bigger than ePRO/eCOA. Craft a unified digital patient experience that users will love.

onboarding enrollment
Curebase data
telemedicine capabilities
Works on any device
iOS, Android, Tablet, and Desktop supported. Native app and web options.
Provisioned or BYOD
Experience providing devices and with patients using their own devices.
Multi-language by design
Every aspect of your build can be configured for global language support.
Global customer support
Experience providing in-house and partner-based support to participants.
Pre-built instrument library
Select from our pre-loaded library or build your own library across studies.
Offline data storage
Don’t miss a data point when the wifi fails with our offline backup mode.

Launch your study faster

Curebase's study designer enables complex builds, optimized for every step of the participant experience. Choose self-service or go fully-outsourced—it's your call.

Curebase platform - Study designer
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