Live Webinar | Challenges & Solutions: Designing ePRO and eConsent for Pediatric Trials
Wednesday, July 24th 
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Deliver complex eConsent experiences that participants will love. Drive compliance and retention with truly informed participants, using a system that is easy to configure and manage from site to subject.

Curbase eConsent

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100% eConsent can be easy for patients and staff.

Participants were screened and enrolled into the mental health study, consented remotely, and virtually onboarded into the ePRO experience.

The GAD-7 was administered at multiple timepoints over a 12-week study design, with over 99% on-time survey completion.

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eConsent Curebase platform

Flexible eConsent that works for even the most complex scenarios.

Part-11 compliant signatures with workflow support for multiple signers, LARs, witness, pediatrics and more. Control the signature authentication method to ensure the right signing experience for every user type.

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eConsent Curebase platform educational materials

Go beyond paper with multimedia, progressive consent, and data entry.

Educational materials, videos, and multimedia can be delivered before or during the visit. Embed attestations and data entry in documents. Make consent a progressive experience fully integrated ot the patient journey.

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eConsent Curebase platform seamless ePRO eCOA
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Patient Compliance Dashbaord

Launch your study faster

Curebase's study designer enables complex builds, optimized for every step of the participant experience. Choose self-service or go fully-outsourced—it's your call.

Curebase platform - Study designer
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